Below are some videos of our microphones featured in recording sessions, reviews, interviews, and demos. If you have any videos of our microphones from your sessions, please feel free to submit video links to and include "submissions" as the subject. We'll post them in this gallery. Enjoy!

Al Sutton on recording drums with the Model 2 and 2S

Grammy award winning engineer and producer Al Sutton explains how he records drums with the Model 2 and 2S.

Al Sutton on recording guitars with the Model 2

Grammy Award winning engineer and producer Al Sutton explains how he mics guitar cabinets.

Model 2 featured on Produce Like A Pro

The Model 2 was featured in Produce Like A Pro's ribbon mic shootout.

Model 2 and 2S used on Lake Street Dive

The Model 2 was used on electric guitar and upright bass. The Model 2S was used on drum overheads.

Nir Z and the New Remastered HH Cymbals

The Model 2S was used on overheads in this video.

Henri Tomasi, Concerto for Trumpet, II. Nocturne

A pair of Model 2's were used for this recording.

Detroit Bop Quintet - Another Hair-Do

The Model 2 on sax and trumpet.

Model 2S Demo

All audio was recorded with only the Model 2S. These are the raw audio files with no processing. Chain used: Model 2S - Integer Audio RMP2 - Pro Tools HDX. 


Special thanks to:


The Erers: Jamie Mosshart, Chris Fichter, Matt Riesterer


Solid Sound: Eric Wojahn and Josh Wiechmann


Integer Audio


Video and Photography: Jeff Kitson and Admir Mesanovic

Jean-Marie Glazer, Concerto #1 violoncelle de Shostakovitch

The Model 2S was used for this recording.

Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran (Cover by Ciara Catalla)

Here is a fantastic cover performed by Ciara Catalla. The Model 2 was used on vocals.

Dizzy Fingers (Zez Confrey) - Thomas Pandolfi

A behind-the-scenes clip of pianist Thomas Pandolfi performing a take of Dizzy Fingers in a recording session at St. Luke Catholic Church in McLean on October 23, 2014.

Recorded with Mesanovic Model 2 ribbon microphones - no EQ or compression. Christian Amonson, recording engineer.

Vulfpeck's "Fugue State"

Vulfpeck used the Model 1 and 2 on their latest EP, "Fugue State". The title track, "Fugue State", features the Model 2 on guitar cab and the Model 1 on the key cab. 

TQM Recording Co.

Recorded at United Sound Systems in Detroit by TQM Recording Co. This session was an acoustic recreation of the original Charlie Parker session recorded in the same studio on December 21st 1947. Produced by Ron Skinner and Engineered by Nick Bonin.

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