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“Not only did I immediately fall in love with the 2S after my first time using it, but I got a call from the artist the next morning asking what microphone I had used on the piano because he really loved the sound I got. The 2S gives you the tone of a ribbon without the need to heavily EQ like you sometimes need to with other ribbon microphones and the ability to easily place it anywhere due to it’s small size and weight makes it ideal for all sorts of situations.  Having already used it as a main room mic for a full orchestra as well as for smaller string, brass and woodwind sections and as a close mic for piano, harmonica, banjo and vocal, all I can say is that I want another one!”


Alex Venguer - Grammy Award Winning Engineer

Sting, John Legend, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Yo Yo Ma, Christian McBride


I was immediately impressed with the frequency response of the M2. I love its clarity in the high end and found that I didn’t have to reach for EQ to warm up low mids like I do on some of the more expensive, “industry standard” brands. The M2 brings vitality and texture to the entire frequency spectrum on everything I put it in front of from trumpets to double bass, and brings me as close to the sound of hitting tape when recording drum overheads and guitar amps too. They’re my go-to’s and they’ve been on every tracking date I’ve done since the first time I heard them.”


Todd Whitelock - Grammy Award Winning Engineer

Christian McBride, Lou Reed, Steven Epstein, Hans Zimmer, Sting


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"My experience with the Model 2S stereo ribbon mic was absolutely mind-blowing the first time I used it as an overhead on my drum kit. In fact, there was no need for anything else but the 2S to capture the entire kit!"


Nir Z - World-renowed Studio Session Drummer

Genesis, John Mayer, Blake Shelton, Jason Mraz, Chris Cornell


“The Model 2 is exactly what I’ve been looking for in a ribbon mic

- balanced and open with great depth and top end clarity. It gives me what I need every time I use it. I love it on drum overheads, acoustic guitar, and electric guitar.”


Al Sutton - Producer & Engineer

Kid Rock, Greta Van Fleet, Uncle Kracker, Pop Evil, Hank Williams Jr.


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"The Model 2 sounded exactly as I hoped - open, honest and all around perfect for what I asked it to do. On electric and acoustic guitars, as a room mic for drums and even a vocal.. All in all a great microphone.."


Vance Powell - Grammy Award Winning Engineer & Producer

Jack White, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather, Buddy Guy, Kings of Leon

"When I started to use the Model 2, I used it mainly as a room mic on drums, it worked fantastic for this. By now I use it on a variety of sources, like electric guitars, acoustic instruments, percussion etc.. It's a nice open mic with a very natural sound."


Michael Wagener - Producer, Recording & Mix Engineer

Mötley Crüe, Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, Skid Row, Alice Cooper, Dokken


"I love the Model 2 on brass and drum room mics. The top end is warm and not brittle at all. It was great to record a trumpet legend on this microphone. The results were incredible..."


Todd Fairall - Grammy Award Winning Engineer & Producer

Common, The Roots, The Clark Sisters, Bob Seger, Mary J. Blige

"I used the Model 2 on trombone for Kem's latest album with great results. A very clear, warm, wonderful sounding microphone."


Eric Morgeson - Grammy Nominated Engineer & Producer

Kem, Aretha Franklin, Ron Isley, Fred Hammond


"The Model 2 is very popular on electric guitar and users hear the bright top end that cuts through nicely in a track. Gotta love that!"


Rolff Zwiep - Blackbird Studio Manager

Nashville, TN

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