We now offer a full range of toroidal ribbon transformers, condenser mic transformers, mic input transformers, direct box transformers, and more. We can also manufacturer toroidal inductors to any spec. Please contact us for quantity discounts and more information. 

Ribbon Microphone Transformers


1:36 Toroidal Ribbon Mic Transformer

This 1:36 transformer is an unrivaled sonic upgrade for microphones such as the MXL R40, Nady RSM4, and other imported ribbon mics with a similar motor structure.



-Handcrafted in Detroit

-Utilizes unique amorphous tape wound core

-Low loss, low distortion, and "3D" like quality with incredible depth and detail



-Primary DCR: Less than 0.01 Ohms

-Secondary DCR: 9 Ohms

-Dimensions: 1.00" x .85" diameter (Potted in metal can)

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Condenser Microphone Transformers

12:1 Toroidal Condenser Mic Transformer
Direct replacement for C12/251 style mics. This transformer offers an incredibly accurate and detailed sonic character.

-Handcrafted in Detroit
-Utilizes unique tape wound core
-Low distortion, low loss, and a “3D” like quality with incredible depth and detail
-Large primary inductance and core size creating a very extended, open, and dynamic bottom end response

-Primary DCR: Around 115 Ohms
-Secondary DCR: Around 10 Ohms
-Dimensions: 1.00”x 1.29” diameter (Potted in metal can)