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We're teaming up with Acme Audio and Q2 Audio to host a demo event at Southern Ground Studios in Nashville on Friday, October 21st. The demo will be from 6-9pm and there will be food, beer, and lots of gear! We will be tracking a live band during the day using only Mesanovic ribbon mics and will then have the entire multitrack session pulled up in the evening for everyone to get a chance to check out Acme's and Q2's compressors. We will leave some ribbons up during the demo for anyone interested in comparing them to other ribbons in the studio, etc. Feel free to invite your fellow engineers and producers who might be interested in checking out the gear! Here's a list of the gear we will have on hand:

Acme Audio: Opticom XLA-3 MKII, Opticom XLA-500, Motown D.I. WB-3
Q2 Audio: Compex F760X-RS, Compex F765
Mesanovic: Model 2, Model 2A, Model 2S

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